Maqbool Butt 11th Feb 2003 by JKNSF  


Ref: Kotli 11/02
Date: 11.02.03


Thousand of people on both sides of the Line of Control (dividing line in
Kashmir) in Kashmir, different cites in Pakistan, Europe, celebrated the
19th death anniversairy of a radical nationalist leader, Maqbool Butt and
homage was paid to the 'Kashmir Che'!
National Awami Party (NAP) and National Students Federations (NSF) took out
rallies at all the district headquaters and other places, including Mirpur,
Muzaffarbad, Poonch, Bagh and Kotli. In Kotli hundrerds of actvists of NAP
and NSF, school students, daily wagers and public sector workers
partisciapted in a rally which was takenout from the post-graduate degree
college Kotli, which marched through the city channting pro-independence
solgans, while banners read, 'maqbool Butt's dream... For united Independent
democratic socialist Kashmir'. While NAP distrubtues hundreds of
leaflets..." No War For Oil", and " What We Want". While speaking at the
ralley at the main crossing, Anwar Khan president NAP said that ' the
so-called freedom given by the Brtishers and also the freedom given to the
ruling classes had meant that at present over 50% of the population was
liveing below the poverty line, without basic needs of life indluding clean
drinking water, health and education'. He said the' sacrfice of Maqbool Butt
had given an impetus to the national liberation movement and added that
those people who were related to the revolutionary movement and the
followers of Maqbool Butt would expose the imperialist agenda'. ' Maqbool
Butt had now become a symbol of resistance, not only that but had become a
symbol for the liberation of the oppressed masses in SOuth Asia'.
He said while the pro-peace forces internationally were preparing to express
their solidarity with the masses of Iraq against the War, imperialist in
this region while aligning with the local rulers was a set back for the
liberation movement'. ' At prest politically the kashmir national liberation
movement had gained an international regocnition and added that the
liberations of nations is related to the national movement'. He said ' the
pro-peace forces have stood up against imperialist war on Iraq and have
challenged capitalism and imperialism'. He added that, 'this was part of our
movement, which Maqbool Butt, through his sacrifice, had become a symbol of
resistance'! " The ruling classes of the sub-continent and the local ruling
elite of Kashmir werefollowing in steps of the imperialist agenda'! He said
that the 'national liberation of themasses of Kashmir could only be achived
by joing hands with the pro-peace forces internationally thus this regions
then could achieve genuine liberation'. He said the imperialist were bent
upon continuing the present state of slavary. Other who spoke incuded, Niaz
Khan member National Council NAP, Zaffar Mailk, member CC NSF,Wajid Ul Sham,
Faisal Qureshi and Zahoor Malik.
A meeting of NAP held here passed the following resolutions;
1. Paying tributes to the heroic struggle of Maqbool Butt agsinat Capitaism
, imperialism and for national liberation,the resolution stated that the
genuine liberation laid in the leadership of the workering class, youth and
the poor peasants.
2. Meeting expressed compelte solidarity with the youth, workers and poor
peasants of Iraq and condenmned the so-called, " War for oil' by US
imperialism and other capitalist powers and appealed to the trade
unions,left organisations and youth on both sides of LoC to organise
protests and demos against this brutal war.
3. Condemend all anti-workers balck laws, incuding the IRO ORD 2002 and
demanded it's scrapping and appealed to all trade unions and left
organisations to organise struggle agansit these notorious anti-workers
4. Meeting expressed solidarity with the ongoing public sector struggle in
IOK by the publuc sector workers by the All J&K Workers/Empolyees Union and
demanded of the Mufti governemnt to full fill their demands and condenmed it
for it's anti-workers polices.
5. Meeting condemnes the murder of a public sector worker belonging to the
department of electricty and called of the government to arrest the
culprits, while appealed to the public sector trade unions to protest
agsinat such killing of workers which has become a norm.
6. Demand the withdrawl of Indian and Pakistan forces from Kashmirand
appeals to the youth, workers and trade unions to get rid of capitalism and
landlordism and pave the way for the genuine liberation of the masses of the
sub continent and from nuclaer catastrophy.
7.No to Upraising of Mangala Dam, nationalis the Mangla Dam.
Restoration of trade union activites including students unions.