Black Day on Feb 11: JKLF

SRINAGAR, FEB. 07: (ONS) The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front has
paid tribute to Mohammed Maqbool Butt and descibed him as ˋthe
foremost among martyrs'.
A session of its leading activists held at Front
headquarters today formulated the programme for 11th of February to
commemorate the death of Mohammed Maqbool Bhat. It has decided to
observe it as a Black Day against ˋIndian aggression and butchery".
A Front statement said that Maqbool had laid down
his life to rid Kashmir of alien occupation. "This sacrifice has opened
a fresh chapter in Kashmir history and resurrected the Kashmir issue.
His dream of an independant and soveriegn Kashmir will soon be
realised," the statement said. "The subterfuges and cunning maneuvers
employed to subvert his ambition failed to shake his rock-steady will
and there was no wavering to his invincible resolve. On the 11th of
February, 1984, the government of India put him to the gallows in
Tihar jail" after thirteen years of incarceration. The flame of liberty
kindled by the martyr has drawn many, like moths to a candle, to carry
forward his mission," the statement said.

The meeting was attented by leading front leaders and district heads.
Advocate Bashir Ahmed Butt presided.The Front has endorsed the APHC
call for a general strike on Friday the 11th of February.