The 16th Martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed-e-Kashmir Maqbool Butt was
observed with due solemnity by Kashmiris living in New York in general
and by JKLF Members in Particular.
A public meeting was held under JKLF auspices inn ‘Village’ Restaurant
Hall, which got packed to capacity. The speakers included Guest of
Honour Dr Farooqi, President Manzoor A. Khan, General Secretary Sardar
Haleem, Stage Secretary, Imtiaz A. Khan, Ali Afsar Khan, Organiser,
Iftikhar Chaudhari, Talib Hussain, Miss Saba Khan, Rabia Manzoor, Bilqis
Parveen, M. Aness, Ashraf Gulam from JKLF, Azeem Dutt from NLF, Suhail
Ansari and Tariq Agarwal from Plebiscite Front, Balwandar Singh and
Harband Singh of Khalistan Movement, Community leader Shahid Mehmood and
a retired officer of Azad Kashmir government, Mr Ghulam Ahmad. All paid
rich tribute to Shaheed Maqbool Butt and his examplary sacrifices for
re-unification and complete independence of the forcibly divided Jammu
Kashmir State. They re-iterated their resolve to continue their struggle
for completion of the mission for which Maqbool Butt sacrificed his
A detailed written message of JKLF Chairman Mr Amanullah Khan was read
by Imtiaz A. Khan. Mr Amanullah Khan called upon party members and other
patriotic Kashmiris living in USA to accelerate their struggle for
national emancipation in the light of the fast changing world scenario
regarding Kashmir specially of President Clintons forth coming visit to
South Asia.
Prayers were also offered for all martyrs who had laid down their lives
for national liberation.

(Imtiaz A. Khan)
Vice President, JKLF New York.