KRRC News: Mirpur, January 20, 2001: Despite the ban imposed by Govt
of Pakistan, another edition of "Shaur e Farda" (awareness of
compiled by Saeed Assad has been published again. This is a
collection of
letters written by Gaeverian style leader of the
freedom struggle in Kashmir, Mohammad Maqbool Butt during 1960 to
1983. This Collection of letters, he wrote from different jails of
Pakistan & India to his clleagues
and follower before he was hanged by India in Tehar jail, Delhi in
1984 , was first published in 1998 in Pakistan. That time, on orders
of govt of Pakistan, issued by Interior Division, it was
banned and forfeited as govt.of Pakistan considered it an
attempt to promaote nationalistics feelings among Kashmiries in Azad
Kashmir. Kashmiries all around the world retaliated and staged
demonstrations against govt of Pakistan for the ban.
According to the informations reached here, collection has been
widely in Azad Kashmir. These 39 letters written by Maqbool Butt ,
who has became icon of freedom are undoubtedly precious for the
people of Kashmir as a source of inspiration and a continious driving
force in their struggle for freedom.