Famous Kashmiri freedom-fighter Maqbool Ahmad Butt was in Tihar High Security Prison in New Delhi since 1976 after having been sentenced to death by a Kashmiri court. There were rumours, published even by an important Indian daily, to the effect that Maqbool Butt might be executed silently or shot dead alleging that he was escaping from the prison as he had escaped from Srinagar jail in 1968. This rumour created serious unrest among Kashmiri youth specially among some JKLF activists who, in order to save Butt from being sent to gallows or killed otherwise, kidnapped Indian Deputy High Commissioner in Birmingham Mr Ravindra Mahatre on Feb. 4, 1984 and demanded release of Mr Butt. The JKLF youth had done it on their own, forming Kashmir Liberation Army (KLA) without the approval and even knowledge of JKLF leadership. The kidnapers had given 24 hours to Indian government to release Mr Butt. This time was extended twice to 54 hours but there was no response whatsoever from Indian side. In the meantime over 350 Kashmiris mostly JKLF members including Chairman Amanullah Khan were arrested by British police. While Mr Khan and others were still under police custody, Indian diplomats dead-body was found near Leicester, allegedly killed by kidnapers after they received no response from Indian government. Except six of those arrested, every body including Mr Amanullah Khan was released as police found no evidence of their involvement in the kidnapping or killing of Indian diplomat.In the mean time Indian supreme Court in extra-ordinary haste and in a strange manner, rejected Mr Butt's appeal against his death sentence, which was pending since 1976, and he was hanged on the morning of Feb. 11, 1984 and buried within the prison premises. His brother Ghulam Nabi Butt who had left his home in Indian occupied Kashmir for New Delhi to pay farewell visit to his brother in prison and to take his body to Kashmir for burial, was arrested at Srinagar airport and not allowed to go to New Delhi. Seven JKLF members namely Raja Qayyum, Riaz Malik, Siddique Bhatti, Jehangir Mirza, Abdul Majeed and Raja Ishaq were tried in the court. Raja and Riaz were given life Imprisonment, Bhatti twenty years, Jehangir three years and Majeed two years imprisonment whereas Ishaq was fined 500 pounds.Raja Qayyum and Riaz Malik are still behind the bars whereas others have been released after completing their term of imprisonment.