KRRC Project:-         Maqbool Bhat Foundation

Aims & Objectives:-        

1-       To Study the life and Struggle of Maqbool Bhat.

2-       To maintain the audio visual and printed record of Shaheed.

3-       To run campaigns

a.       For bringing Remains of Maqbool Bhat back home for burial in Srinagar.   

b.       For celebrating the 11th of Feb. as the Martyres day, A national day dedicated for remembering and paying tribute to the Martyres..   

c.       Campaign to convince all political parties and groups and activist inspired by Maqbool Bhat to celebrate the event collectively.


             Collection of data.  

             Creation of web base data

             Development of website

Campaign methodology:-

             Internet base, through ordinary mail and telephone for mobilizing the target population to participate by using same methods.
Materials and Resources:

               KRRC Record

               KRRC Webs ervices

             Quaterly and at the end of initial Duration.